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      Yarns - Weaving, Knitting and Specialty Yarns Australia wide

      Yarns - Weaving, Knitting and Specialty Yarns Australia wide

      Australia's most comprehensive selection of fine yarns

      At Thread Collective, we have sourced some of the finest locally produced yarns along with the brands you know and love from across the globe. Thread Collective's curated collection of yarns has been designed to allow fibre artists and weavers choice so they can focus on their craft and not on import logistics. We are continuing to evolve our range, working with local manufacturers to broaden locally sourced products. Internationally, we are always looking for innovative and exciting yarns to bring you a comprehensive choice.

      Come and view our extensive range of coloured and natural yarns. The filters on the left of the page will help you narrow down your choices.

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      Rios Soft, Strong Aran Yarn Malabrigo is known for its quality and soft, strong yarns.  Rios is a beautiful kettle-dyed yarn designed to help minimise pilling and has been designed to withstand frequent washing.  A great yarn choice for garments, housewares,...

      From $39.50

      A chunky cotton all-rounder Maurice Brassard cotton yarns are wonderful all-round weaving yarns that are available in over 80 colours and in a range of sizes to suit almost any project.   The spools are approximately 454g (1 lb) on a cardboard core. 837 meters/kilo...

      From $39.50

      Thick cotton string The Maurice Brassard 8/8 is a 100% 8 ply cotton string is a great choice for tapestry, rug and crochet project.  Made up of 8 strands of size 8 yarns this is very versatile cotton. The cones are...

      From $32.95

      Warping Thread in Vibrant Colours Liina Cotton Warp Thread by Suomen Lanka of Finland is a high-quality warping yarn design to withstand your high tensioned project.   This twine offers a high twist making it a strong and smooth yarn to work with. ...


      Warping Yarn has never been so colourful! Looking for the perfect warping yarn in vibrant colours to suit your weaving projects? Molla cotton twine is a high-quality yarn designed with weavers in mind.   This yarn has been designed with a...


      Two Lands: 50% Merino / 50% Baby Alpaca Dos Tierras combines two stunning fibres to form an ultra-soft yarn that is totally squish against your cheek, all day long, worthy.  Made from 50% fine Uruguayan Merino wool and 50% baby alpaca from...

      From $35.60

      Tussah Silk Nm 4/2 If you are looking for a premium knitting yarn or something to add texture to your weaving projects, this is your yar. Silk Mountain Silks are known around the world for their premium silk yarns. Tussah...

      From $34.90

      Thick 51% Mulberry Silk / 49% Bamboo Nm 6/3 Incredibly soft, light with loft knitting yarn spun from bamboo and silk by the world-renowned Silk Mountain Silk mill.   Additional information  Fibre Name Mulberry Silk / Bamboo Size (g) 100g Skein & 1kg...