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    Yarns - Weaving, Knitting and Specialty Yarns Australia wide

    Australia's most comprehensive selection of fine yarns

    At Thread Collective, we have sourced some of the finest locally produced yarns along with the brands you know and love from across the globe. Thread Collective's curated collection of yarns has been designed to allow fibre artists and weavers choice so they can focus on their craft and not on import logistics. We are continuing to evolve our range, working with local manufacturers to broaden locally sourced products. Internationally, we are always looking for innovative and exciting yarns to bring you a comprehensive choice.

    Come and view our extensive range of coloured and natural yarns. The filters on the left of the page will help you narrow down your choices.

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    From $12.80

    50% green tea / 50% modal. This yarn has wonderful lustre and is a great alternative to lyocell.   Green tea yarn is made from extracting active ingredients (polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide) from the green tea leaves, a nanometer grade powder is made,...

    From $16.15

    Luxury Blend, Exquisite Results Add a little luxury to your weaving with this beautiful blend. Combining 80% Tussah Silk, 10% Milk, and 10% Tencel into this stunning weaving yarn. Ne Count 8/2 approximately 3360 yds/lb, 6775m/kg

    From $17.50

    Natural Tussah silk, need I say more.  This measures approximately 35WPI Nm 21/2 (similar to Ne 12/2)  5210yds/lb Sold on skeins  

    Sold Out $23.00

    50% Rose, 50% Cotton Weaving Yarn Combining the active ingredients from rose flowers and the properties of cotton yarns we have come to love, this blend is a must try. Part of our limited edition yarn, the rose/ cotton has...

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    From $18.50

    Suvin Cotton Ne 53/3 x 3 (Nm 90/3 x 3) This cotton is known as the Jewel in the Indian cotton crown.  The variety is a cross between Sea Island Cotton and the Indian Sujatha variety.  This yarn is the equivalent...

    From $32.90

    Luxury of Silver in a Yarn SilverSpun® has been produced to offer therapeutic and conductive benefits. The silver content has been shown to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria. The silver also has excellent thermal properties, is nontoxic and...

    Sold Out $36.20

    Fruit Bowl Hand dyed Supima Cotton 16/4 (equivalent to Ne 8/2). Dyed by hand in shades of aqua, blue, peach and brown.  680m/100g This yarn is part of a limited release.

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