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Beginner Multi-Shaft Complete Weaving Package

Everything You Need to Start Weaving on a Multi-shaft Loom

Introducing the ultimate Beginner Multi-Shaft Complete Weaving Package – your gateway to the captivating world of weaving! Whether you're an aspiring artisan or a creative enthusiast, this package offers everything you need to embark on a fulfilling weaving journey. 

From the versatile Ashford Brooklyn 4-shaft loom to essential accessories and educational resources, we've thoughtfully curated a comprehensive set to ignite your weaving passion.

The Beginner Multi-Shaft Complete Weaving Package includes:

  • Ashford Brooklyn 4-Shaft Loom 
  • Ashford Warping Board 11m 
  • Ashford 29cm Boat Shuttle 
  • Nylon Bobbins
  • Weaving for Beginners Book by Peggy Osterkamp
  • 2 cones of Ada Fibres Recycled Cotton 5/2 cotton (Boysenberry and Natural)

The Beginner Multi-Shaft Complete Weaving Package opens the door to a world of artistic expression and functional craftsmanship. Order now and embark on your weaving adventure today!