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Hook Tensioned End Feed Shuttle | Bluster Bay

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Hook Tensioned Bluster Bay Shuttles

Bluster Bay's traditional hook and eye tensioned weaving shuttles work well with handspun or slubby yarns as well as most commercially spun yarn.  The benefit of a hook tensioned shuttle is that they are simple and easy to adjust, require no additional tools for adjusting and are a well-balanced shuttle. 

The 13" and 15" hook tensioned end-feed shuttles are 1.875 inches wide and are 1.375 inches tall. The bronze spindles are spring-loaded.

The 13″ end-feed shuttles use Bluster Bay brand plastic 5.5″ pirns or AVL 5.5″ black pirns. (Note: 6″ Schacht pirns will NOT fit these shuttle).

The 15″ end-feed shuttles use the Bluster Bay brand plastic 8″ pirns, AVL or Schacht 8″ pirns usually work in these shuttles as well.