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Cotton Warp Thread - Twine by Liina | 12 Ply (1.8kg Mega Cone)

Warping Thread in Vibrant Colours

Liina Cotton Warp Thread by Suomen Lanka of Finland is a high-quality warping yarn design to withstand your high tensioned project.  

This twine offers a high twist making it a strong and smooth yarn to work with.  It has minimal elasticity and is the perfect choice for tapestry and rug weaving.  The smoothness and quality finish of this yarn also makes it a wonderful knitting or crocheting alternative. 


Liina by Suomen Lanka

Fibre Content

100% Cotton


12-ply with a tight twist

Size (g)

1.8kg (4608m)

Yarn Count Tex

30 Tex x 12

Meters per Kilo

2560m per kilo

Yarn Delivery Cardboard Spool