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Drum Carder Junior 46 tpi and 72 tpi | Louet

Louet Junior Drum Carder

The Louet Junior Drum Carder is a wonderful carder for anyone starting wanting to card fibres.  The Louet Junior carder is great for small amounts of fibre (40g at a time).  It is available in two teeth per inch (tpi) options and a wide 10cm width;

  • 46 tpi - fine carding cloth with 46 tpi.  This is a  great option for medium to long fibres, it will easily card wool and quickly make batts quickly for felting.
  • 72 tpi - extra-fine carding cloth with 72 tpi. A great option for carding fine fibres. 

Louet's drum carders are built using carding cloth made of nickel-plated steel wire which sits on a mat of cotton and natural rubber to ensure a long life. The Louet junior drum carder is made from a birch plywood frame and white protective layer.  

The Louet Junior Drum Carder Features:

  • 46 tpi and 72 tpi options
  • Doffer Brush
  • Doffer Pin
  • 2 Table Clamps
  • Drum Width: 4" (10cm)
  • Surface Speed Ratios: 9:1
  • Complete Instruction Manual