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Lavender Fibre - Sliver | Ada Fibres

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Lavender Sliver ready to spin

This Lavender fibre from Ada Fibres is a fibre derived from lavender plants and is one of many new plant-based silk alternatives. Lavender is a cellulose fibre made from the whole lavender plant (including the flowers, stems and leaves). Through a viscose process, the lavender is made into a nano grade powder before being wet spun (in a closed-loop process) into the fibre slivers. Lavender is a strong fibre, beautifully off white in colour with a stunning lustre. Being a natural fibre, lavender is biodegradable and takes to fibre reactive dyes.

Once spun, the lavender yarn has a beautiful drape and lovely shine. It can be spun on its own or blended with another fibre for a truly unique yarn. Lavender fibre can also be used in felting projects or carded into amazing art batts.

The Ada Fibres Lavender come in sliver form in 100g lots, measuring approximately 7g/m.