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Inklette / Inkle Loom Starter Kit Yarn Pack

Colour Palettes for Inkle Loom Weaving

Introducing the Inklette / Inkle Loom Starter Kit Yarn Packs – your gateway to a world of weaving wonders! These exquisite Maurice Brassard Mercerised Cotton 8/4 (Perle) yarns, thoughtfully curated in four mesmerizing colour palettes, will surely make your weaving experience worthwhile.

Option 1: Fushia & Rose Pale

Bask in the feminine vibe of pinks with the Maurice Brassard Mercerised Cotton 8/4 (Perle) in Fushia and Rose Pale. Express your creativity with these bold and delicate hues that will transform your inkle loom projects into stunning works of art.

Option 2: Blanchi & Noir

For a touch of elegance and drama, choose the Blanchi and Noir combination. The pristine white of Blanchi beautifully contrasts with the deep, mysterious Noir, adding sophistication to your woven creations.

Option 3: Flax & Lavande

Embrace nature-inspired tranquility with the Flax and Lavande duo. The Maurice Brassard Mercerised Cotton 8/4 (Perle) in Flax exudes earthy charm, while the soothing Lavande brings a touch of calm to your weaving journey.

Option 4: Matelot & Silver

Sail into a world of nautical charm with Matelot and Silver. The deep navy Matelot paired with the shimmering Silver creates a maritime-inspired palette that's perfect for weaving projects with a touch of maritime flair.

Each yarn pack includes two yarn cones, one for each colour, providing you with the perfect balance for your inkle loom creations. These yarns ensure durability, sheen, and a luxurious feel to your woven masterpieces.

Unleash your creativity, explore intricate patterns, and bring your weaving dreams to life with the Inklette / Inkle Loom Starter Kit Yarn Packs.