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Dobby Floor Loom - Louet Megado Mechanical Dobby - 16 or 32 Shaft

Megado Mechanical Dobby

The Louet Megado, is Louet's flagship loom.  The Megado is a multi-shaft dobby loom designed to make weaving a joy. It's available in 5 weaving widths ranging from 40cm to 130cm with 16 shaft and 32 shaft options available. 

The Louet Megado is an engineered loom made from lacquered ash hardwood.  The Megado features a countermarch shed, and the innovative moving breast beam. This moving breast beam provides a unique tension control system allowing the warp to be set and checked with each advance. This system creates a large shed with the highest tensioned warps. The Louet Megado is light to treadle and offers an optional adjustable tilting weaving bench to maximise comfort. 

An innovative construction ensures the action of the well-balanced pedal to be very light in operation. This main pedal and also the optional weaving bench are adjustable in height to accommodate the weaver’s physical requirements. 

An investment in a Louet Megado dobby loom will ensure many years of comfortable and productive weaving.

The Louet Megado is delivered with a preassembled the castle and the loom includes a large shelf, built-in raddle, a stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 dpi), premounted heddles (390 mm), lease and tie-up sticks and sixteen warp sticks.

How the mechanical dobby bars work

Louets mechanical dobby is a program bar with pegs system. The numbered holes in the program bars correspond with shafts of the loom. If you want a shaft to be liftes, you place a peg in the corresponding hole of the program bar. The number of program bars forming the chain, can be adapted to the weave pattern. However, if the number of program bars becomes very large, you may want to consider an electronic dobby.

*Please Note - The prices listed are estimates only and can fluctuate depending on the exchange rate and freight costs.  Shipping within Australia will be quoted by a courier company.  Looms can take up to 12 weeks for production depending on the production schedule at the time of ordering.   To secure a Louet loom a 20% deposit will be taken with the balance due prior to delivery.

Louet Megado Accessories

Louet adjustable weaving bench Adjustable Weaving Bench
Louet second warp beam - Delta  Octado  Megado Second Warp Beam
Louet Sectional Warp Kit - Megado Sectional Warp Kit (2cm  and inch)
Louet adjustable bench tilting kit Weaving Bench Tilting Kit
Louet Warp Tension Regulator - Tension Box
Warp Tension Regulator
Louet Stainless Steel Weaving Reeds

40cm Stainless Steel Reed

70cm Stainless Steel Reed

90cm Stainless Steel Reed

110cm Stainless Steel Reed

130cm Stainless Steel Reed