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Mini Combs - Single & Double Row | Louet

Fibre Preparation - Mini Combs 

Louet Mini Combs will assist in the fibre preparation ready for spinning. In order to make fibres ready for spinning important fibres undergo a carding and combing process.  The combing process assists in straightening the fibres out. The fibres can be made into a sliver or spun directly from the comb. The mini comb is ideal for combing fine and delicate fibres. 

The Louet mini combs are lightweight and easy on your wrists. Please note that as a safety precaution, all Louet mini combs are machined so they are not razor sharp.  

The Louet mini combs are made from lacquered solid ash, sold as a pair and come in single and double options.The mini combs measure 6.5cm (2 1/2") wide and weigh 230g - 250g. They feature a hook for storage. 

Louet Product Number

KP0113: Mini combs single row – per pair
KP0114: Mini combs double row – per pair