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Mirrix Electric Spencer Treadle

Fast and Easy Tapestry Weaving

The Mirrix Electric Spencer Treadle is the first electric treadle for a portable tapestry loom.

It allows you to easily change the shed by pressing down on a pedal that will electronically change it without having to use your hands. Enjoy fast and easy tapestry weaving with this convenient loom accessory!

What You Need to Know

This electric treadle is designed to be used with the newer wooden clips. If you currently don't have these clips on your loom, it's best to choose the option that includes wooden clips. 

Additionally, if you plan to use the treadle on more than one loom, it's best that you buy extra bushing for each additional loom. The bushing is a plastic piece that fits on the end of the shedding device tube to hold the treadle motor.