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Mirrix Harvey Loom Stand (Sitting/Standing)

Weave Easier While Standing or Sitting

The Mirrix Harvey Loom Stand is a tripod stand measuring 30.48 cm (5.5 ft) which holds any Mirrix loom (except the Saffron Loom) at six different heights.

With this tool, your loom snaps on and off in an instant and you'll be able to find the perfect loom height for you whether you want to sit or stand. Plus, you'll no longer have to place your loom on top of a table!

What You Get

The Harvey Loom Stand includes a tripod, a bar with an attached tray (which can be used to hold tools, beads, and yarn), and two C-clamps.

Adjustable Height

Set the height to your liking, so you can easily do your weaving whether you are in a standing or sitting position. The tripod stand can be set at 55.9 cm (22″), 66 cm (26″), 76.2 (30″), 86.4 cm (34″), 96.5 cm (38″), or 106.7 cm (42″).

*Does not include treadle