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The Saffron Pocket Loom with Accessories Kit | Mirrix

Everything You Need in One Weaving Kit

Looking for a Saffron Loom with all the bells and whistles? This package comes with a loom, an extra rod to allow you to weave a piece up to 12" long, a shed comb, an adorable stand and a 5" tapestry needle.

The Mirrix Safron Pocket Loom combines affordability, quality, and portability. It has something that other tiny looms don't: A tensioning device.

With the inclusion of this useful device, you can effortlessly adjust warp tension after warping and as you weave. You'll find this loom is simple to put together and to warp, plus it can be used to weave four-selvedge tapestries. It's also adjustable in height. 

This Saffron Pocket Loom Package includes:

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