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Weaving Kit - Berlin 4 Shafts

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4 Shaft Double Weave

The Berlin scarf weaving kit from Venne contains everything you need to create this monochromatic double weave scarf suited for a 4 shaft loom. 

The kit contains the weaving draft and all the yarn you need to weave this scarf.

The yarn used in the warp is Nm 40/2 mercerised cotton, the plain weft is Ne 20/2 organic cotton, and the pattern weft is Ne 20/2 mercerised cotton.  The draft has been designed by Japien Waskowsky. 


Reed number: 70/10 (2 ends per opening)  Weft density: ± 14 ends per cm.  Warp length: ± 280 cm Weaving width: ± 22.5 cm = 320 ends. Weaving-length: ca. 2.30 m. Dimensions of the scarf are 22x175 cm.