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Spinning Wheel Blogs

Single and double-drive spinning wheels offer different mechanics, functionality, and yarn production capabilities. Discover the distinctions between these systems and explore the world of drive bands and whorls to determine which spinning wheel setup suits your needs best.
Spinning wheels from Ashford, Louet, and Schacht offer a range of features and designs for every spinner. Discover the technical differences and find the perfect wheel to suit your spinning needs.
Drop spindles come in various designs, each with its own spinning capabilities and unique features. Learn about the different types of drop spindles and how they can enhance your spinning experience.
Understanding the difference between Scotch Tension and Irish Tension spinning wheels. Explore their origins, mechanisms, adjustment methods, advantages, and disadvantages. Choose the right tension system for your spinning needs.
Transforming fibres into yarn requires understanding spinning wheel ratios. Learn how these ratios impact your spinning experience and how to choose the right ratio to spin your desired yarn.
Choosing a spinning wheel is a significant step forward for anyone interested in fibre arts. We'll walk you through the important aspects when selecting a spinning wheel in this detailed guide, ensuring that you make an informed decision that corresponds with your spinning goals.
Wool spinning is a fascinating craft that transforms raw wool into beautiful yarn. Discover the essentials of wool spinning for beginners and unleash your creativity with different fibres and textures. Start your spinning journey today!
Electric spinning wheels are great for spinners of all levels. In this article, we discuss e-Spinners and how these spinning devices make creating your own unique yarns much easier and faster.