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Lowery Workstands: Needlework Made Easy

Stitch Hands-Free with a Lowery Embroidery Stand

Make your next cross stitch or embroidery project even more enjoyable by using a workstand to hold your frame. Allowing you to easily stitch with two hands. Accelerating the precision and time it’ll take you to complete your project.

The Lowery complete workstand is the craft stand you didn't know you needed. An all-purpose stand that will hold your embroidery or frame loom at just the right position. Available in two options, the grey and a premium stainless steel version. The Lowery stands offer a number of accessories to personalise your stand to work for you.

Enhance Your Embroidery Process with Lowery Workstands

With the help of embroidery, you can let your imaginations run wild and produce beautiful patterns on a variety of fabrics. However, embroidering can occasionally be difficult, particularly when working on complicated or huge projects. This is where Lowery workstands come into play. Here are some of the reason why you should use embroidery workstands:

  • Improved Stability and Support: One of the key benefits of using embroidery workstands, such as Lowery’s offerings, is the enhanced stability and support they provide. Traditional embroidery methods often involve holding the fabric in one hand while stitching with the other. Embroidery workstands offer a stable platform to secure the fabric, keeping it taut and ensuring consistent tension throughout the stitching process.
  • Flexibility and Adjustability: Lowery workstands are designed with flexibility and adjustability in mind. They come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different embroidery projects and personal preferences. This adaptability allows embroiderers to work comfortably on projects of varying sizes, from small motifs to large tapestries. The ability to adjust the angle and height of the workstand also contributes to better posture and reduces the risk of neck and back strain.
  • Comfort and Longevity:Lowery stands are made with the embroiderer's comfort in mind. Workstands help embroiderers to spend more time perfecting their talents and finishing challenging projects by supplying a pleasant working environment. 

The Lowery embroidery stands are indispensable tools for anyone passionate about embroidery. They offer improved stability, flexibility, and hands-free operation, making the embroidery process easier, more efficient, and enjoyable. With their ability to enhance organization, reduce fatigue, and provide a comfortable working environment, embroidery workstands empower embroiderers to unleash their creativity and achieve remarkable results. 

Why Buy Your Cross Stitch Stand From Thread Collective?

At Thread Collective we’re cross stitch and embroidery lovers like you. We know you invest a lot of time into your craft. That’s why we’re passionate about connecting local creatives like you with premium quality embroidery stands and supplies.

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