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Mini Combs - Tame Your Fibre

Mini Combs to Prepare Fibres

Before you start spinning your fibres, it's important that you have them undergo a carding and combing process. This significantly helps in straightening the fibres out. 

How to Use Mini Combs in Fibre Preparation

When getting fibres ready for spinning, mini combs are a helpful tool, especially for fibres that are matted, tangled, or have a lot of debris stuck in them.

Here is a step-by-step guide on using small combs to prepare fibres:

  1. Choose the fibres you wish to prepare first. Check to see if they are clean, debris-free, and if necessary, carded.
  2. Place one miniature comb on a solid surface, like a bench or a table. Place the comb parallel to the surface while holding it by the handle.
  3. Starting at the base of the teeth, spread a little amount of fibre throughout the mini-comb's teeth.
  4. To comb through the fibre on the first comb, use a second small comb. With the teeth interlocked, hold the second comb by the handle and position it parallels to the first comb.
  5. The fibre on the first comb should be combed through with the second tiny comb with firm pressure from the base to the tip. Till the fibres are uniform and smooth, repeat this procedure by combing the fibre back and forth between the two combs.
  6. When you're satisfied with how the fibre has been combed, gently pull the fibre away from the combs' teeth. You can carry out this procedure once more, combing each batch of fibre individually.
  7. Combed fibre obtained in this manner can be spun by hand or on a spinning wheel.

Mini combs can be sharp, so use caution when using them to prevent injury. A longer, smoother, and more glossy yarn can be produced by combing by removing some of the shorter fibres from the fibre blend. 

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