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Omanik Factory Quantum Frames

Unlock New Dimensions in Cross Stitching with Omanik Quantum Frames

If you're a cross-stitch enthusiast, you're likely no stranger to the frustrations of working with traditional frames. The limited flexibility, uneven tension, and discomfort while stitching can sometimes take away the joy from your beloved craft. Enter the revolutionary solution: Omanik Quantum Frames. These innovative frames are here to transform your cross-stitching experience, providing you with unparalleled convenience, versatility, and comfort.

Introducing the Omanik Quantum Frame: A Stitcher's Dream Come True

The Omanik Quantum Frame is not just your ordinary cross-stitch frame; it's a leap into the future of stitching. Crafted with precision and designed for perfection, these frames redefine the way you approach cross stitching. Let's delve into some of the key features that make the Omanik Quantum Frame a must-have for every serious stitcher. 

Quantum Frame with Side Stretchers: Revolutionizing Tension Control

Say goodbye to uneven tension and fabric distortion! The Omanik Quantum Frame comes equipped with side stretchers that allow you to adjust the tension of your fabric with incredible ease. This means no more sagging or overstretching – you'll have complete control over the tightness of your fabric, ensuring your stitches are flawless and uniform throughout your project.

Quantum Cross Stitch Frame: Elevating Your Stitching Projects

The Quantum Frame isn't just a frame; it's a quantum leap in your stitching journey. Its innovative design supports both small and large projects, giving you the flexibility to work on a wide range of designs without the need for multiple frames. Whether you're working on a delicate bookmark or a sprawling tapestry, the Quantum Frame has you covered.

Omanik Frame Stand and Floor Stand: Your Comfort, Your Way

Stitching should never be a strain on your body. Omanik understands this, which is why they offer both frame stand and floor stand options for the Quantum Frame. Whether you prefer to stitch at a table or in your favourite armchair, these stands ensure that your frame is at the perfect height and angle, reducing strain and allowing you to stitch for longer periods with ease.

How Does The Quantum Wooden Embroidery Frame Work?

To create a complete Omanik Quantum Frame you need to select your desired rod length and bar length. Both the bars and rods are interchangeable so you can customise your frame to suit the size of your project. We also have the Quantum bars with side stretchers which allow you to keep your fabric even tauter.

Because the Quantum Frames are available in different sizes this allows you to create the ideal working area for your fabric and project. Making these cross stitch frames suitable for large and small projects.

Easily add in your embroidery fabric of choice. You don’t have to sew it in or anything as the rod will keep it secure. Then twist the screws in the bars to your required length and tautness.

Omanik Factory tools undergo thorough quality control to ensure you get the best products available on the market.

Order Omanik Frames Now in Australia

The Quantum Frame is the perfect partner to your needlework projects. Helping you to take the tediousness out of stitching. As needlecrafters, we enjoy having our fabric as taut as possible. This desire is made a reality by the Quantum needlework frames. Giving you drum tight cloth from top to bottom and side to side. Giving you consistent tension throughout your working day. As a result, you can quickly create your pattern while keeping your stitches equal and the tension consistent.

We're excited to be the first Australian reseller to offer the Ominak Factory Quantum Frames in Australia and New Zealand. We adore these needlepoint frames and are confident you will as well. Whether you're an experienced embroiderer or just beginning your needlecraft career. The Omanik Quantum Frame is a cross stitch and embroidery scroll frame that is sure to make your craft more enjoyrable!

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Shop our range of Omanik Frames today and find the perfect embroidery frame for your next project.

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