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QH-Bars with Side Stretchers v.22 | Omanik Factory


Verticals v.2022 are compatible with Quantum rods of all sizes.

The black metal stops, securely grasp and hold the ends of the horizontal rods.

The main advantage of the verticals v.2022 is that you can scroll the project’s fabric very little – by 90 degrees, both top and bottom

To set up your frame is easy!

The working area’s height may vary in case of using different sizes of QH bars along with QL rods. The thing is in the black plastic screw that adds extra cm/inches depending on adjustments.

Here is a chart, that helps to choose the right size for you and your project.

Working space

QH15ss 17-21cm 6,7”-8,26”
QH20ss 22-26cm 8,6”-10,2”
QH30ss 32-36 cm 12,6”-14,17”
QH40ss 42-46 cm 16,5”-18,1”
QH50ss 52-56cm 20,5”-22”


One set (2pc) includes metal side stretchers mounted on the wooden QH bars. Side stretchers provide great tension on the sides of your work. The result is even tension across the project. Stretcher bars can be used with the metal stretcher piece attached or like a standard bar when that is enough for your project.

Material: Beech timber, zinc-coated steel

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