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Quantum Frame - Stretcher Bars | Omanik Factory [Discontinued]

Quantum Stretcher Bars - Omanik 

These stretcher bars are designed for the Quantum Needlework frame from Omanik Factory. They are interchangeable with the Quantum frame rods to customise your frame to suit your project. The Quantum stretcher bars are available in sizes ranging from 15cm to 40cm.

To create a complete quantum frame set you need to select your desired rod length and desired bar length. Both bars and rods are interchangeable so you can customise your frame to suit your future projects.

When considering the size of the Quantum stretcher bars please consider the following for  your desired canvas length;

canvas min. lenght – canvas max.length
QL50  – 39cm/15,35″ –  49cm/19,29″
QL60  – 49cm/19,29″ –   59cm/23.22″
QL70  – 59cm/23,22″ –   69cm/27,16″
QL80 –  69cm/27,16″ –  79cm/31.1″
QL90 –  79cm/31,1″ –  89cm/35″
QL100 – 89cm/35″ –   99cm/38.97″
QL110 – 99cm/38.97″ –  109cm/42.9″

The Quantum frames are crafted from Beech timber, durable plastic tension screw and quality metal components.  Quantum frames are constructed in Estonia. 

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