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Weaving Yarn: Local and Globally Sourced Yarns for Weaving

Australia's Premier Range of Weaving Yarns

With weaving at its core, Thread Collective has brought together a curated selection of some of the most loved and exquisite weaving yarns produced locally and from around the world. Thread Collective has a range to suit all weavers and weaving styles.

Weaving Yarns for All Kinds of Weaving Projects

Weaving yarns are made of fibres from plant, animal, mineral, cellulose, or plastic. The fibre composition affects how the yarn translates into the fabric and how your final project appears.

A yarn's fibre composition is important to consider when choosing which type of yarn you want for your project. The most common types include wool weaving yarn, silk weaving yarn, cotton weaving yarn, and linen weaving yarn. They all have different characteristics that make them suited for different types of projects. Whether you are working on tapestry, fabrics for clothing, or homewares, you'll definitely find the perfect yarn on this website.

Buy Weaving Yarn

Thread Collective offers a wide range of weaving yarns sourced locally and from around the world. Each type has been chosen for its unique characteristics and quality, which make them perfect for different types of weaving projects.

Browse our collection of yarns either by brand, by type, or by weight. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to assist you.