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Weaving Loom Brands


The World's Most Popular Weaving Loom Brands

Weaving looms are important tools that have played an important part in human history, allowing for the manufacture of elaborate textiles and fabrics. Today, these looms have grown into complex machines with a wide range of features and functionality to meet the needs of weavers all over the world.

Ashford Handicrafts

Ashford Handicrafts, a New Zealand-based company, has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality weaving looms and spinning wheels. With decades of experience, Ashford looms are suitable for both beginners and experienced weavers. Their range includes rigid heddle looms, table looms, and floor looms, all designed to be user-friendly and durable. Ashford's commitment to sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly practices has garnered them a loyal following in the global weaving community.


Founded in the Netherlands, Louët has become a prominent name in the weaving world. Renowned for their precision-engineered products, Louët offers an array of looms, including countermarch, jack, and table looms, catering to weavers of all levels. The brand's focus on ergonomic design and sturdy construction ensures that their looms perform exceptionally well and stand the test of time.

Schacht Spindle Company

Operating out of Colorado, USA, the Schacht Spindle Company has been delivering top-notch weaving and spinning equipment since the 1960s. Their looms boast innovative features and thoughtful designs, catering to various weaving styles and techniques. From compact Cricket looms to robust floor looms, Schacht's commitment to craftsmanship and user satisfaction has solidified its position as a respected global brand.


Glimåkra brings a rich heritage of weaving expertise to the table. Their handcrafted looms exude quality and precision, making them a favourite among professional weavers. Glimåkra's selection includes both modern and traditional loom designs, allowing artisans to produce intricate textiles with ease.

Leclerc Looms

Based in Quebec, Canada, Leclerc Looms has been producing weaving equipment since the early 1930s. Their extensive range includes floor looms, table looms, and specialty looms, providing weavers with a wide range of choices. Known for their versatility and durability, Leclerc looms are highly sought after by weaving enthusiasts across the globe.

AVL Looms

AVL Looms, founded in California, USA, has been manufacturing weaving looms for nearly 50 years. Their looms are renowned for their technological advancements, making them a favourite among professional weavers and textile industries. AVL Looms specializes in computer-assisted looms, offering advanced features that allow weavers to create complex patterns with ease. These looms are prized for their accuracy, efficiency, and ability to handle large-scale weaving projects.

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The world of weaving looms is as diverse as the intricate textiles they produce. The brands mentioned above, among many others, have played a significant role in shaping the weaving industry and supporting the creative expression of weavers worldwide. Each brand brings its unique expertise, innovations, and craftsmanship, catering to the needs of both novices and experienced artisans. Browse our collection of weaving looms from Ashford, Schacht, Louet, Leclerc, Glimakra, and AVL.