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Undyed, Bare, and Natural Yarns

Yarn is Your Canvas

Thread Collective offers a large selection of yarn that is awaiting your personal touch. We have undyed yarn available in skeins and large cones. With our affordable prices, this is your chance to buy undyed yarn in bulk. Choose from various fibre types like cotton, hemp, linen, and pineapple from our plant-based yarns collection, and silk and wool from our range of animal fibre yarns.

Our selection of undyed, bare, and natural yarns is great for your weaving, knitting, crocheting, and felting projects. Whether it’s undyed cotton yarn, linen, or wool you’re looking for, you’ll surely find the one for you right here. Browse our range of over 80 options of bare yarn for dyeing. We offer only the best from the brands you love, including Ashford, Maurice Brassard, Venne, Swiss Mountain Silk, and Australia’s very own Full Circle Fibres.

If you can’t find yarn in the specific colour you like, dyeing your own yarn is the best way to go. Buy undyed yarn and play with colours. Let your creativity and imagination run wild!

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