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Cotton AUSTRALIAN Long Staple Lace Weaving Yarn

Queensland's finest cotton

Support our local farmers and try this wonderfully soft 100% Australian long-staple cotton grown in St George, Queensland.

This cotton yarn is Ne 4/20s which is equivalent to Ne 10/2  yarn. The cones are 250g - 2080m. 832m/100g

Great for handweaving (warping), candle wicking, super fine crochet and more.  Natural in colour.

This is as raw as you can get and has had minimal processing. If you are planning on dyeing we suggest a long hot scour to remove the natural oils to allow for an even dye finish. Being raw, this yarn may be subject to a higher degree of shrinkage than our scoured and dyed varieties. 

Dyed Laceweight Yarn - Collaboration

Have you seen the Full Circle Fibres and Ada Fibres collaboration? There is now a dyed and scoured Australian cotton laceweight yarn available on 140g and 450g cones. Find out more about this stunning yarn and the Full Circle Fibres and Ada Fibres collaboration at our blog.


Ada Fibres Australian Laceweight Yarn - View the collection