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Needlecraft & Embroidery Blogs

Embroidery is a captivating craft that allows you to create beautiful and intricate designs using needle and thread. Whether you're looking for a creative outlet, a new hobby, or a way to personalize your belongings, embroidery is an excellent choice. This article provides an introduction to embroidery, explains the difference between cross-stitch and surface embroidery, and outlines the essential materials you'll need for beginning embroidery and starting stitching.
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Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric by hand. It’s a way of adding beautiful patterns, designs, and textures to fabrics. An embroidery thread is simply a material that you stitch onto fabric by hand or using a sewing machine or other embroidery tools. Embroidery threads come in a wide variety of colours, weights, and textures and are commonly cotton, silk and wool. You need to choose the right kind of embroidery threads for your projects. If you're new to embroidery, then this guide will help you find out which type of thread is best suited for what you want to do with it. This article covers the best types of embroidery threads and includes information on how to select the right size of thread for your project.