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Silk Fibre Australia: Spinning and Felting Fibre

Luxurious Fibres for Spinning and Felting

The softness, sheen, and durability of silk make it one of the oldest and most luxurious fibres in the world. The silkworm, which spins its cocoon using a continuous filament of silk, creates this natural protein fibre.

Silk fibres are perfect for use in textiles because they are resilient and stretchy. Silk fabrics appear opulent because of the silky fibres and light-reflecting inherent gloss. Silk is renowned for having superb drape, which makes it ideal for use in lingerie, gowns, and other sophisticated clothing.

Spinning with Silk Fibres

Silk is a well-liked spinning fibre that can be used alone or combined with other fibres like wool, cotton, or alpaca. Depending on the intended outcome, there are numerous ways to spin silk. Silk, for instance, can be spun using a drop spindle or a typical spinning wheel to produce thin, thick, smooth, or textured yarn.

It's crucial to be careful not to overtwist the fibre when spinning silk because doing so can make it lose its inherent sheen. Silk should be kept dry when storing because it is sensitive to moisture.

Felting with Silk Fibres

Silk fibres are also popular for use in felting, a technique that involves combining wool fibres with hot water and agitation to create a dense, matted fabric. When combined with wool, silk fibres can add strength and texture to the finished felted piece.

Before felting, silk fibres can be carded, blended with wool fibres, or added to the surface of a felted piece to add a decorative effect. A Nuno felt, which is made by felting wool fibres onto a base fabric like silk or cotton, can also be made from silk fibres.

Buy Silk Fibre Online in Australia

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