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Sample Colour Cards: The Ultimate Colour Reference

Yarn Colour Cards to Help You Choose

Selecting the perfect yarn for your knitting or crocheting projects can be a delightful yet challenging task. With countless options available in terms of fibre content, weight, texture, and colour, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. However, there's a simple item that can make the process easier: sample colour cards.

Let's explore how using sample colour cards can help you visualise your options and coordinate with your existing yarn supply, ultimately enhancing your creative journey.

What are Sample Colour Cards Used for?

Crafters can benefit greatly from sample colour cards, especially when it comes to yarn selection. These cards typically feature small yarn samples that highlight the colour options offered by a specific yarn brand or collection. Before making your final selection, you may use sample colour cards as an easy reference to compare and contrast various hues and tones.

Plan and Organize Your Project with Colour Cards

Sample colour cards are not only useful during the selection process but also offer great assistance when planning your projects.  They enable you to experiment with various colour combinations and produce colour schemes that are consistent with your vision. Sample colour cards make it simpler for you to visualise the finished product and will help you avoid any colour mismatch and clashing.

Colour Accuracy and Consistency

The significance that sample colour cards play in assuring colour accuracy and consistency throughout your projects is another benefit of using them. Yarn dye lots can vary, even within the same colour name or number. You can spot any differences between dye batches and select yarn with consistent colours for your entire project by using sample colour cards for reference. This attention to detail helps maintain uniformity in your finished work, adding a professional touch to your creations.

Buy Sample Colour Cards Online in Australia

Planning a weaving or textile project is a lot of fun, but this can become overwhelming when you are trying to match your vision with images on a computer screen. Colour cards can let you visualise the options or coordinate with your existing yarn supply.

Sample Cards are currently available for the Maurice Brassard, Venne yarns, and ITO yarns.  We are also able to do a special order to compile a sample to suit our yarns to your needs for many of the yarns we have in stock.