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Weaving Patterns Books

Hundreds of Patterns, Hundreds of Possibilities

Get ready for your next weaving project. Our collection of weaving patterns books These books will give you access to tips, tricks, and techniques for both traditional and modern patterns, as well as a plethora of new, innovative designs for multi-shaft looms.

Learn all about weaving basics, tools, and techniques; try various weaving projects organized at different difficulty levels, and find a treasure trove of resources from this collection. Try out hundreds of patterns for different weaves, including twill, diamond, herringbone, block, and zigzag.

Using a variety of weaving techniques, which you will learn from the books, you can make your own woven garments, like scarves and shawls, as well as woven home accessories, like towels, placemats,  table runners, cushions, and many more.

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By supporting our store with your book purchases, you enable us to continue bringing you a comprehensive selection of weaving resources. Thread Collective is a family run business and is passionate about weaving; your support is truly valued.