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Crackle Weave Simply | Susan Kesler-Simpson

Understanding the Weave Structure

Susan Kesler-Simpson, the author of the best-selling Overshot Simply and Shadow Weave Simply, has released a book called Crackle Weave Simply, in which readers will learn how to do the Crackle Weave "simply."

Her teaching technique is to break down the weave structure into its fundamental pieces so that you can comprehend them, and then show you how the parts work together to make the weave structure so that you may use any pattern or design your own. Crackle Weave has the look of cracked pottery because of the sections of separate threads, and once you understand how the structure works, there is so much you can do with it!

Crackle weave is a block weave structure composed of four or more threading blocks with a twill pattern. Each block has four threads, two of which are major and two of which are secondary. 

When necessary, incidental threads are introduced to maintain appropriate twill sequencing. These blocks can be enlarged, decreased, or moved, allowing you to take a more conventional or modern approach to your project.

Then there's the colour! Colours can be applied through the warp, primary threads, and/or secondary threads in Crackle Weave, giving you a lot of options.

Without practice, learning is incomplete, so there are 25 patterns to attempt for a range of compositions in both modern and traditional effects. Shawls, scarves, carpets, blankets, towels, and table runners are among the tasks that are simple enough for a beginner weaver to complete. Some are woven in the conventional crackle process, while others use crackle as overshot, summer/winter, and other effects.