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Ada Fibres

Thoughtful Fibres for the Modern Artist

Art is a form of communication. It speaks to our soul, it moves us, it inspires us.

Ada Fibres is proud to be developing a range of yarns sourced locally, made from recycled textiles and manufactured using sustainable and fast-growing crops.

Ada Fibres is launching with a range of recycled cotton yarns, manufactured using the offcuts from European fashion houses. The recycled cotton will be available in a laceweight weaving yarn and thick string ideal for chunky knits or macrame works.

Coming soon after will be a truly special glowing bamboo string that has drape, shine and presence not ever seen in a thick and chunky fibre. If you are a macrame artist or wanting to crochet something with presence, you will not want to miss this one.

The most memorable things in life are the ones that we create.