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Ada Fibres

Discover the Charm of Locally Sourced Yarns with Ada Fibres in Australia

Art is a form of communication. It speaks to our soul, it moves us, it inspires us.

In the heartland of Australia, where the rugged landscapes meet the vast expanses of nature, a remarkable yarn brand has emerged, capturing the essence of the nation's rich heritage. Ada Fibres, a name now synonymous with quality, creativity, and sustainability, has woven itself into the fabric of the Australian yarn industry, leaving a colourful trail of inspiration for crafters worldwide.

What Ada Fibres Has to Offer

Ada Fibres is excited to be developing a yarn line using locally sourced materials, reclaimed textiles, and rapidly expanding sustainable crops. Ada Fibres is launching a line of recycled cotton yarns derived from the remnants of European fashion labels. The recycled cotton will be available in thick string for chunky knits or macrame projects, as well as laceweight weaving yarn

The Beauty of Locally Sourced Yarns

  • Sustainability and Environmental Impact: One of the most remarkable aspects of Ada Fibres is their dedication to environmental sustainability. By sourcing yarn materials locally, the brand significantly reduces its carbon footprint associated with transportation. This commitment to eco-friendliness is not only commendable but also aligns perfectly with the growing global movement towards responsible consumerism.
  • Preserving Artisan Traditions: Locally sourced yarns often involve collaboration with small-scale farmers and artisans. Ada Fibres not only supports these local producers but also helps preserve traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. Each skein of Ada Fibres yarn carries a story of hard work, skill, and cultural heritage.
  • Connecting with Nature: Australian landscapes are incredibly diverse, ranging from lush forests to arid deserts. Ada Fibres captures the essence of these landscapes in their yarns, allowing crafters to connect with nature in a tangible way. Whether you're crafting by the beach or in the heart of the Outback, Ada Fibres yarns bring the beauty of Australia to your fingertips.

Recycled Cotton Yarns: Closing the Loop

In a world striving for reduced waste and increased sustainability, Ada Fibres steps up with their range of recycled cotton yarns. By repurposing cotton fibers that would otherwise end up in landfills, the brand contributes to the circular economy. These recycled yarns not only maintain the quality and softness of traditional cotton yarns but also reduce the strain on the environment, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious creators.

Join the Sustainable Crafting Movement & Support Local Communities

The rise of sustainability in the crafting industry is undeniable, and Ada Fibres is at the forefront of this movement. When you choose Ada Fibres' yarns, crafters align themselves with a brand that values environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and local support.

Ada Fibres isn't just about yarn – it's about fostering community connections. By supporting local farmers, artisans, and businesses, the brand contributes to the growth of regional economies. Choosing Ada Fibres means being part of a network that values local talent and craftsmanship.

Browse our Ada Fibres Yarn Collection

Get creative and join a worldwide community that values ethical sourcing and supports artists. Everyone can find something to like in Ada Fibres' beautiful range of yarns, regardless of your level of experience with crafting or where you are in your fibre journey. Browse our range and find the perfect yarn for your next weaving project!

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