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Electric Spinning Wheels

Fast, Easy, and Reliable Spinners

Electric spinning wheels or e-Spinners offer many advantages to users, such as speed, efficiency, portability, and accessibility. Using an e-Spinner is especially helpful for crafters who have particular physical needs that make it difficult to use the treadles in traditional spinning wheels.

Find the best electric spinning wheel right here. Choose from our selection of versatile electronic spinners that will surely make spinning fibres a breeze.

Ashford e-Spinner 3

The Ashford e-Spinner 3 electric spinning wheel is a compact, lightweight, and highly versatile electric spinner from Ashford. You can take this electric spinner with you wherever, just grab and go. It comes in a set that includes jumbo bobbins, a foot controller, a tensioned lazy kate, a bottle of oil, and a padded carry bag.

Does the Ashford e-Spinner 3 come with a USB cord that can connect to a portable battery?

No, the Ashford e-Spinner 3 does not come with a USB charging port. However, you can purchase a 12 volt car power charger cord on our website.

Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner

The Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner gives spinners the best of both worlds as it combines the highly regarded features of the Ashford Country Spinner 2 and the Ashford e-Spinner 3. It is a large but portable motorized spinning wheel that features the huge flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 wheel, as well as the power of the e-Spinner 3. With this electric spinner, you can spin all types of yarn, from fine yarns to bulky yarns.

Are there extra bobbins available for the Ashford e-Spinner Super Jumbo?

Yes, you can purchase the Ashford Country Spinner Bobbins as replacement bobbins or extra bobbins for the Ashford e-Spinner Jumbo.

How to Choose an e-Spinner

There are a variety of electric spinning wheels in the market, so you’ll have to know how to choose the one that is right for you. Here are some questions that will help guide you in making a decision:

  • What kind of yarn do you want to spin?
  • Do you need your e-spinner to be as portable as possible?
  • What kind of functionalities are you looking for in an electric spinner?
  • How much space do you have for storage?
  • Do you want a more beginner-friendly e-spinner or one that is more suitable for advanced spinners?
  • How much are you willing to spend for an e-spinner?

After answering all of these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what would be the best electric spinning wheel for you.

Why Use Electric Spinning Wheels?

The compact sizing makes electric spinning wheels a lot more portable compared to the traditional treadle spinning wheels. E-spinners can be placed on a table for comfort and convenience. Plus, the fact that you don't even need to use your feet while spinning gives you more freedom as you work.

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Buy Your Electric Spinner Online from Thread Collective

At Thread Collective, we love spinning yarn just like you! We know you invest time in fibre arts and that is why we always aim to connect local creatives like you with premium quality spinning wheels and electronic spinners from across the globe. Shop our range of high-quality spinning wheels and e-spinners and find the perfect one for your yarn making today.

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