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DMC Embroidery Thread Australia: Needlecraft Made Easy

High-Quality DMC Threads Now Available in Australia

Thread Collective proudly stocks DMC threads in a wide range of colour options. You are sure to find the perfect colour to suit your embroidery project right here! 

DMC is the world’s premier embroidery thread, floss, and needlework supplies manufacturer. And now, we are very excited to bring DMC to Australia and New Zealand too!

Known for their quality and durability, DMC floss and threads are perfect for embroidery designs that last.

Effortlessly Bring Your Embroidery Design to Life With A Complete DMC Thread Set

Let your creativity and design ideas run wild with our endless selection of DMC embroidery floss and thread. Our selection boasts countless colours for you to pick from. Express yourself fully, with the exact craft, style and design you envisioned. 

Mix, match and blend any number of DMC embroidery threads together to make an unforgettable design. You also have countless shades to choose from, so you can style any garment, clothing or material to your liking.

Cotton Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

DMC's six stranded cotton embroidery floss is made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. This stranded cotton thread is colourfast to 95° C with a double mercerised finish that makes it shiny. It’s perfect for all kinds of embroidery and cross-stitching projects.

Cotton Coloris Embroidery Thread

Similar to the six stranded cotton range, the Coloris embroidery thread is also made from long-staple mercerised cotton.  This unique thread changes colours approximately every five stitches. Choose from 24 multi-coloured shades that have been curated by DMC to give your needlecraft project a complimentary and harmonised look.

Light Effects Embroidery Thread

The Light Effects embroidery thread is a range of shimmering specialty threads from DMC that will add reflective qualities to your stitches. Add shine and shimmer to your project with this embroidery thread.

Cotton Satin Embroidery Thread

DMC's satin embroidery thread features beautiful gloss and shine that brings radiance and depth to your embroidery projects. It is made of 100% rayon fibre thread. 

DMC Varations

Make your needlecraft projects a lot more interesting with Varations, DMC’s unique shade shifting six-stranded embroidery threads. Mercerised twice for a beautiful soft shine, these embroidery threads are made from the finest 100% long-staple cotton in fade-resistant colours.

Why Use DMC Cotton Thread for Embroidery?

DMC embroidery cotton can be washed frequently without the risk of fading easily. DMC cotton can be washed at a high temperature ( 95° C/203° F). Be sure to also pay attention to the washing instructions on the fabric on which the DMC thread was embroidered.

Why buy DMC thread online from Thread Collective?

At Thread Collective, we’re passionate about cross-stitches, embroideries, needleworks and everything in between. And we know you are too. That’s why we’ve put an enormous amount of effort into connecting needleworkers just like you with premium quality brands.

We’ve looked high and low to find the perfect needlecraft supplies, embroidery floss, and hand embroidery fabrics from the best producers worldwide.

Browse our collection of DMC embroidery thread online today, and make the perfect embroidery design for your next project.