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Yarn Talk - Weaving Yarn Discussions

Novelty yarns offer weavers an opportunity to create genuinely distinctive textiles. Discover the exciting possibilities and techniques of using novelty yarns on the rigid heddle loom, including adaptations to accommodate these unique fibres.
Discover the world of novelty yarns for weaving and add unique textures and visual appeal to your textile projects. From handspun to metallic, explore the different types and unleash your creativity.
Discover the world of cotton yarns and their unique qualities. From softness to breathability, cotton is a top choice for weavers. Learn tips for weaving with cotton, a timeless fibre for all.
Interested in weaving with linen yarns? This article will explain what is linen, how it is made, what makes it special, and what you can do with it.
In the world of fabrics, weaving and knitting may look similar, but they have distinct differences. Find out more about the variations in yarns used for these processes and how to choose the right one for your project.
Nature, in its abundance, offers us plenty of materials that we can use in various industries. This includes plant fibres used in the textiles industry. Learn about the various types of plant-based yarns and their uses in this article.
Learn more about the different kinds of macrame string, rope, and cord that you can use to create beautiful art pieces. This article also talks about the basic macrame tools, eco-friendly macrame supplies, and more.
When it comes to choosing yarn for your project the size of yarn is an important factor in determining whether your fabric will be fine or bulky. It can be a little confusing when different parts of the world use different sizing methods. However, with some simple definitions up your sleeve you can demystify those numbers. This, in turn, will help you select yarn size and quantity of cones of yarn required for your next project.