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Mirrix Looms | The Best Portable Weaving Looms

The Best Portable Tapestry Looms

Mirrix Looms, founded by Claudia Chase in 1996, has redefined the weaving landscape with its exceptional design and functionality. The brand's tapestry weaving looms are renowned for their versatility and functionality, making them an excellent choice for beginner weavers and seasoned weavers alike. 

Whether you're just getting started at exploring the art of tapestry weaving or have been doing it for a long time, you'll find that Mirrix Looms are some of the best out there. With their portability, precision, and ease of use, they are a must-have for weavers of all levels.

Why Choose Mirrix?

Every piece of equipment made by Mirrix had been designed to accomplish one goal, which is to help you to create professional-quality artwork. Mirrix Looms are for all levels of tapestry or bead weavers. These weaving equipment are some of the best out there and with the many options being offered, you'll surely find the one that's right for you.

Advantages of using a Mirrix Loom

Versatility The Mirrix Looms are basically tapestry looms and bead looms, but with these, you can do so much more, such as wire weaving, paper weaving, inkle weaving, lace making, and even Saori weaving. You can even experiment with different types of weaving yarn on these looms.

Portability Mirrix tapestry looms come in various sizes, from small to large, but even the largest looms in the collection are super portable. You can take them anywhere! These feature fold-out legs for easy storage inside a closet or even under your bed. The smaller looms can also fit in a bag, so you could easily bring them to a workshop or on your vacation.

Strength and FunctionalityMade primarily of copper and aluminium, the Mirrix bead and tapestry looms are the strongest looms in the market today. Because they are made of premium materials, these functional weaving looms can last a lifetime.

BalanceWhether you have your Mirrix Loom balanced on your lap, positioned upright on a table or on the floor, sitting on a Harvey Stand, or leaning on a pillow as you're comfortably weaving in bed, each Mirrix Loom is perfectly balanced to fit into every aspect of your creative life.

Be Part of a Community

When you buy a Mirrix Loom, you become a part of the community of artists and craftspeople who are not only passionate about their work but also about their fellow weavers.

Buy Mirrix Looms in Australia

Whether you are a budding weaver seeking a beginner-friendly loom, like the Mirrix Saffron Loom, or a seasoned artisan looking to expand your horizons with a bigger tapestry loom, such as the Mirrix Zeus, a Mirrix Loom is a worthy addition to your artistic toolkit. Through the versatile capabilities of Mirrix looms, plus the supportive community and sustainable practices of the company, these looms have revived the weaving community and inspired countless weavers to express their creativity, one thread at a time.

Thread Collective is a family-run business that is passionate about weaving and providing the best weaving looms and supplies to local fibre artists. When you buy our Mirrix looms for sale, you're not only supporting a local business, you are also helping nurture the industry and craft you love.

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