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Rose Fibre: Soft, Luscious Fibre for Spinning

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Rose Fibre - Strong & Silky

Rose fibre is a strong, luscious, white-coloured fibre that makes a great plant-based silk alternative. Rose has a long staple length and is best spun with a medium to tight twist. Blend with other fibres for a truly unique yarn that will set your project apart.

How is Rose Fibre Made?

The fibre has been extracted from the natural waste of rose plants. Rose is made through a viscose process and feels similar to lavender and bamboo fibre. It has a long staple length and spins wonderfully, creating a yarn with lustre and drape.

Rose Fibre: A Sustainable Option in Fibe Arts

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing rose fibre is its eco-friendly nature. Unlike synthetic fibres like polyester, rose fibre is biodegradable, meaning it will decompose naturally without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Furthermore, the cultivation of roses requires fewer pesticides and chemicals compared to other crops, making it a more sustainable choice for textile production.

Benefits of Using Rose Fibre

Using rose fibre for spinning offers a range of benefits, which contribute to its growing popularity as a sustainable textile material. Here are some key advantages of using rose fibre for spinning:

  • Sustainability: Rose fibre offers a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials, reducing the reliance on non-renewable resources and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with textile production.
  • Softness: Rose fibre is used to create exceptionally soft fabrics that are a pleasure to wear. The lightweight and breathable nature of the fibre ensures optimal comfort even in warm weather.
  • Moisture Management: Rose fibre has excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing it to absorb and release moisture efficiently. This feature keeps the wearer dry and comfortable, making it suitable for activewear and garments intended for intense physical activities.
  • Hypoallergenic: Rose fibre is a fantastic option for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies because it is inherently hypoallergenic. It lessens the possibility of skin irritation, allowing consumers to comfortably wear apparel created from this sustainable material.

Looking to Dye Rose Fibre?

Rose fibre takes to dye wonderfully, it is extremely absorbent and readily takes dye. It can be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.

What Can Rose Fibre Be Used for?

Rose fibre boasts exceptional spinning properties that make it a versatile and desirable material for various textile applications. Its natural cellulose structure gives it strength and durability comparable to traditional textiles. Additionally, rose fibre has a soft and silky texture, making it ideal for creating luxurious fabrics. 

Rose fibre is commonly used in hand spinning and can be used for wet needle felting projects and in papermaking.

Buy Rose Fibre Online in Australia

Rose fibre for spinning is not only a sustainable choice but also a testament to the textile industry's commitment to a greener future. Its eco-friendly production process, exceptional spinning properties, and numerous benefits make it a great choice for spinning yarn. Browse our collection of rose fibres and get started spinning!