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      Rose Fibre - Soft lusious fibre for spinning

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      Rose Fibre - Strong & Silky

      Rose fibre is a strong, luscious, white coloured fibre that makes a great plant-based silk alternative.

      Rose has a long staple length and is best spun with a medium to tight twist. Blend with other fibres for a truly unique yarn that will set your project apart.

      How is Rose Fibre Made?

      The fibre has been extracted from the natural waste of rose plants. Rose is made through a viscose process and feels similar to lavender and bamboo fibre. It has a long staple length and spins wonderfully, creating a yarn with lustre and drape.

      Looking to Dye?

      Rose fibre take to dye wonderfully, it is extremely absorbent and readily takes dye. It can be dyed with natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.

      What can rose fibre be used for?

      Rose fibre is commonly used in hand spinning and can be used for wet needle felting projects and in papermaking.