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Felting Needles

Must-Have Tool for Needle Felters

A felting needle features small barbs on one end which, when poked through fibre, push the strands of the fibre together.

Felting needles are a valuable tool for those who enjoy felting. Felting is a process of transforming fibres into a dense material by repeatedly stabbing them with a barbed needle. Felting needles come in various shapes and sizes to create different effects on the wool fibres.

Types of Felting Needles

Felting needles are an essential tool for anyone interested in felting. Each type of felting needle serves a unique purpose, and understanding the differences between them can help you achieve the desired effect in your felted projects.

Here are the different types of felting needles:

  • Fine Felting Needle: This type of needle feature barbs on 3 sides. Used for detail work and getting a neat surface. 
  • Coarse Felting Needle: This type of needle is sturdy and features barbs on 3 sides. Great for working with coarse fibres and firmly attaching pieces.
  • Star Felting Needle: An all-around needle with barbs on 4 sides. Good for finer work and finer wools as well as bulky sculpting work.
  • Spiral Felting Needle This type of needle makes felting faster while reducing the surface holes other needles make because of its twisted feature.
  • Needle Felting Punch: This type of needle is used for creating beautiful and unique flat and 3D art forms with fibre.

Other types of felting needles include medium felting needles, reverse barb felting needles, and the student needle felting punch.

Whether you are creating a textured finish or blending different colours of wool, there is a felting needle that is perfect for the job. With a little practice and experimentation, you can create beautiful felted projects that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Felting needles are a must-have for everyone who is into needle felting. Especially when this craft has become your regular hobby or business, you'll need to have enough felting needles in stock so that you're ready to go anytime. 

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