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Fibre for Spinning and Felting

Make Art with Fibre

The fascinating world of spinning and felting is familiar to both fibre enthusiasts and craftspeople. Understanding the significance of fibre selection is essential regardless of whether you are an expert crafter or a novice eager to start a new creative endeavour. 

Spin your own yarn or created beautiful felted art using premium quality fibres sourced locally and internationally.

Animal-Sourced Fibres

Animal fibre has long been a prized material for felters and spinners. It is a preferred material for making fine yarns and felts because of its inherent attributes, including warmth, softness, and adaptability.

Our collection of animal fibres includes mulberry silk fibres, Angora fibres, natural Corriedale wool fibres, white alpaca wool fibres, tussah silk fibres, and more. Choose from our premium quality animal fibres for your spinning and felting needs.

Plant-Based Fibres

Plant-based fibres are natural, biodegradable, and sustainable. They are a great choice for eco-conscious crafters. As artisans and consumers alike embrace the potential of plant-based fibres, the future of spinning and felting looks greener.

Our plant fibre collection includes fibres from lavender, dandelion, pineapple, banana, rose, flax, hemp, and many more. Choose from our wide range of plant fibres and craft your next project with nature in mind.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fibres

When it comes to fibre selection, one of the fundamental considerations is choosing between natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fibres, derived from sources such as wool, silk, alpaca, and cotton, offer unique characteristics like breathability, warmth, and durability. Synthetic fibres like acrylic or nylon, on the other hand, are man-made alternatives that often provide affordability, ease of care, and a wide range of colours.

What is the Best Fibre for Spinning?

For spinning, fibre options are abundant. Wool is a popular choice, available in various breeds of sheep, each with its own distinct qualities. Alpaca, mohair, angora, and silk are other commonly used fibres that contribute to the texture, lustre, and drape of spun yarn. Plant fibres such as cotton, flax (linen), or hemp offer coolness and strength for different applications.

Buy Spinning & Felting Fibre Online at Thread Collective

Browse our comprehensive collection of plant-based and animal-sourced fibres for your fibre art projects. We offer fibres from leading brands across the globe, including Ashford, Malabrigo, Ada Fibres, and many more. Thread Collective is continuing to expand its range of fibre for spinning and felting purposes.