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Schacht Spinning Wheels

Schacht Spinning Wheels

Schacht spinning wheels are built in the US and known for their quality and workmanship. Eye-catching, functional spinning wheels you will love. If you are looking for Schacht spinning wheels for sale, we’ve got them at Thread Collective.

Our Schacht Spinning Wheel range includes the Ladybug, Matchless, and Sidekick. Read on and get to know what these different Schacht wheels have to offer.

Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel

The Schacht Sidekick spinning wheel is a durable, lightweight, fully functional, foldable, and portable spinning wheel. It offers easy and comfortable spinning with its big orifice and long treadles. This wheel also allows the user to spin much finer yarn. Buy this Schacht sidekick for sale and create beautiful yarns wherever, whenever.

The Schacht Sidekick spinning wheel comes in a set that includes three travel bobbins, fast and medium speed whorls, a threading hook, an adjustable carrying strap, and carry bag.

Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel

The Scotch tensioned Schacht Matchless spinning wheel is an impressive spinning wheel with great capabilities. It features double drive and bobbin lead modes of operation. Its 49.53cm (19.5″) drive wheel and flyer are supported by self-aligning bearings to create precise action. This spinning wheel comes in a set that includes four bobbins, fast and medium speed whorls, a tensioned Lazy Kate, a threading hook, and a carrying strap. Get this Schacht Matchless spinning wheel for sale and enjoy the spinning features and capabilities like no other.

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel

The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel is a great choice for beginner-level spinners. It is easy to treadle, store and travel with, and looks super cute!

The Ladybug features the characteristic of Schacht’s solid spinning wheel construction. Its unique design makes it both functional and visually appealing. Since it is lightweight and also has carrying handles, the Ladybug is so easy to pick up and transport. Buy this Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel for sale and enjoy using it in Scotch tension and double drive modes.

Buy a Schacht Spinning Wheel Online from Thread Collective

Thread Collective offers the full range of Schacht spinning wheels for newcomers and professional-level spinners alike. Schacht is a brand known for its high quality products and its desire to constantly improve their range. As textile and fibre artists themselves, the wonderful people behind Schacht understand that attention to detail matters to every spinner who depends on their spinning tools and equipment to do the best job possible.

We also offer a collection of spinning wheel parts and accessories for Schacht spinning wheels. Get the most out of your spinning wheels with the right tools.

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