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Active Yarns

Texture... Come this Way!

In the realm of textile artistry, weavers continuously seek innovative ways to infuse their creations with unique texture, movement, and shape. Active yarns are known to have an 'energy'. These are used in weaving to create texture, movement, and shape. Once an active yarn is wet-finished, it transforms and changes its properties. These specialized yarns possess distinct properties that allow weavers to breathe life into their designs, resulting in dynamic and visually stunning textiles.

Why Add Texture to Weaving?

Texture plays a crucial role in the visual and tactile appeal of woven textiles. Active yarns offer exciting possibilities to introduce unique textures into fabric creations. These can be woven into a fabric to generate a three-dimensional surface texture. By varying the density and arrangement of conductive yarns, weavers can create raised patterns or embossed effects that add depth and interest to the textile.

Buy Active Yarns Online in Australia

Active yarns have revolutionized the world of weaving, empowering weavers to create textiles that possess texture, movement, and shape like never before. By harnessing these innovative materials, weavers can bring their designs to life, creating textiles that captivate the senses and push the boundaries of traditional weaving techniques.

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