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Texsolv - Heddles, Cord, Pegs & Anchors

Texsolv - The Complete System

Weaving is an age-old craft that has continued to captivate textile artists throughout history. One essential component that has greatly improved the weaving experience is Texsolv, a Swedish brand renowned for its innovative and high-quality weaving accessories.

The Texsolv system consists of three main parts; a heddle system with machine-made heddles in polyester, a complete tie-up system of polyester loop cords, and a peg locking system. System Texsolv is a well-tested solution and is used all over the world. Many of the world's loom manufacturer has Texsolv System as standard parts in their looms.

Texsolv Heddles: Precision and Versatility Combined

Heddles are an integral part of the weaving process, responsible for creating patterns and designs. Texsolv heddles are known for their exceptional quality and precision. Made from durable polyester, these heddles offer superior strength and longevity. Texsolv heddles are available in various sizes, allowing weavers to create intricate patterns with ease. The lightweight nature of Texsolv heddles reduces friction, resulting in smoother and faster weaving.

Texsolv Cord: Thread of Innovation

The Texsolv cord is a versatile and high-performance cord used in various aspects of the weaving process. This durable polyester cord is designed to be exceptionally strong yet gentle on your materials. Texsolv cord is most commonly used for tying up Texsolv heddles and creating the intricate patterns that make your woven creations stand out.

Texsolv Pegs: Versatile Tools for Weaving

Texsolv pegs are the secret to unlocking your creativity on the loom. They can be used to create various shed patterns, helping you craft intricate and stunning designs with ease. Texsolv pegs are designed to work seamlessly with other Texsolv products, making them an essential component of your weaving set-up.

Advantages of Using the Complete Texsolv System

  1. Durability: Texsolv products are made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  2. Ease of Use: Texsolv products are designed to be user-friendly, allowing weavers to set up and adjust their looms with ease.
  3. Precision: Texsolv heddles, cords, pegs, and anchors provide precise control over tension and pattern creation, resulting in high-quality weaving.
  4. Compatibility: Texsolv products are compatible with a wide range of looms, making them suitable for both professional weavers and hobbyists.

Can You Use Texsolv Heddles for Inkle Loom?

Inkle weaving is a fascinating and versatile craft that allows you to create beautiful woven bands, straps, and belts. Yes, you can use Texsolv heddles on your inkle loom

Do note that Texsolv heddles must be cut apart at the top and bottom in the centre of the loop in order to be used for inkle weaving.  Once separated, simply fold the Texsolv heddle in half, position it over the warp strings, and loop both ends around the warp peg.

Texsolv heddles are a versatile and modern choice for inkle weavers of all skill levels. Their lightweight, durable, and flexible nature makes them a fantastic addition to your weaving toolkit, allowing you to craft intricate patterns and bands with ease.

Buy Texsolv Products Online in Australia

Texsolv heddles, cords, pegs, and anchors are indispensable tools for weavers, offering durability, precision, and ease of use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weaver, investing in Texsolv products will ensure a smoother weaving process and superior results.  

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