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Hand-Dyed Malabrigo Yarns

Malabrigo is a family-owned yarn company originally based in Uruguay. They had humble beginnings, when two brothers-in-law began wool dyeing in a simple kitchen pot way back in 2005. After achieving good results, they decided to sell a few yarn skeins to the United States. A lot of people loved their uniquely dyed wool and soon enough, their business had quickly expanded to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Now, Malabrigo yarn comes in a comprehensive range of over 400 colours.

Malabrigo's impressive line of hand-dyed yarns offers incredible softness and wonderful colour variations. Malabrigo's products are made from the softest fibres available and inspired by nature, landscapes, and day-to-day life.

Malabrigo produces their beautiful dyed yarns because they are passionate about the craft. They believe that there is a higher level of satisfaction when knitting is done with high-quality, carefully designed hand-dyed yarns, as well as the joy of being able to wear the completed knitting and feel comfortable in it.

More recently Malabrigo has moved all production to Peru. With the environment in mind, they use as few chemicals as possible in the mill and reduce the volume of water used by systematizing the order of colours they dye every day. This process meets the Oeko-Tex 1907/2006 CE standards and achieves maximum energy saving.

Buy Malabrigo Yarn Online at Thread Collective

If you are looking for unique hand dyed yarn in Australia, you have come to the right place. Thread Collective the leading retailer of Malabrigo yarn in Australia. 

We have Malabrigo worsted yarns, such as the popular Malabrigo Rios, which is a 4ply superwash merino that is ideally used for knitting garments and homewares. We also stock singe ply yarn, such as the Malabrigo Mechita, for knitting lightweight projects. You might also like the Malabrigo sock yarn, a 3ply superwash merino that can be knitted into scarves, gloves, and of couse, socks, among many others.

From garments and wearable accessories to homewares, there is a Malabrigo yarn for any knitting project you want to achieve. Feel free to browse our collection of Malabrigo yarns and find out many more options that would suit all kinds of knitting projects. 

Yarn Ball Winding Service

When buying Malabrigo yarn in skeins, you would have to make the extra effort of winding them into balls before you can use the yarns for knitting or crochet. Let us take that burden off your hands.

Thread Collective is now offering a yarn ball winding service at a very affordable price to help speed things up for you. As soon as your yarn orders arrive at your doorstep, you can use them immediately. No need to wind on your own! 

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