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Pineapple Fibre: Spinning, Felting & Paper Making

A Versatile Material for Spinning, Felting, and Paper Making

Natural fibres have been used for centuries in various crafts and industries, and one such fibre gaining popularity is pineapple bast fibre. The fibres produce a strong, durable, sustainable fibre that is great for spinning, felting and paper making.

Sourcing Pineapple Bast Fibre

The long, narrow leaves of the pineapple plant are used to make pineapple bast fibre. The leaves are gathered and treated to remove the fibres once the fruits have been harvested. To separate the fibrous strands, the leaves must be stripped. The separated strands are then cleaned, dried, and occasionally further refined to enhance quality.

Spinning with Pineapple Bast Fibre

Because of its superior spinning qualities, pineapple bast fibre is a popular material for manufacturing textiles. The fibres have a smooth texture, are long and lustrous, and are lightweight. They may be spun into yarns of varied thicknesses, enabling the development of various textiles. The resulting pineapple bast yarns have good tensile strength and a natural shine like silk.

Felting with Pineapple Bast Fibre

Felting, a technique that involves matting and condensing fibres together, can also be done using pineapple bast fibre. The fibres have inherent felting properties due to their natural scales and can be used for both wet and dry felting processes. Pineapple bast fibre can be blended with other natural fibres, such as wool or silk, to create unique and textured felted products like scarves, hats, and decorative items.

Paper Making with Pineapple Bast Fibre

A fascinating substitute for conventional papermaking materials is pineapple bast fibre. The fibres can be converted into pulp and utilized as a starting point for the production of paper. Pineapple bast fibres give the paper structural integrity and contribute strength and tenacity, making it suited for uses that call for resilience and endurance. The natural colour and texture of the fibres also add to the finished paper's aesthetic appeal.

Buy Pineapple Fibre in Australia

Pineapple bast fibre offers an exciting and sustainable option for spinning, felting, and paper-making. Its strong and lustrous properties make it suitable for textile production, while its felting capabilities enable the creation of unique felted items. Additionally, the fibre can be processed into pulp for manufacturing durable and visually appealing paper products.

As the demand for eco-friendly materials continues to rise, pineapple bast fibre stands as a versatile and environmentally conscious choice for crafters, manufacturers, and consumers alike. Browse our collection of pineapple fibres and find your perfect match!