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      Weaving Supplies & Materials: Must-Have Items for Weavers

      Weaving Supplies & Materials: Must-Have Items for Weavers
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      The Must-Have Items for Weavers

      Thread Collective offers a broad range of weaving supplies and materials every weaver must have in their inventory. Having all the weaving essentials before starting a project will help make your weaving process easier and more efficient.

      Weaving Yarn

      Weaving yarn is a growing market. You can find the supplies and materials you need for your projects on this website. Thread Collective has an extensive range of weaving yarns that are available at competitive prices from leading brands like Ashford, Venne, Malabrigo, Maurice Brassard, and many more.

      Weaving Tools and Accessories

      Choose from a wide range of weaving tools and accessories, including weaving shuttles, heddles, reeds, needles, warping mills and boards, warping pegs, and so much more. Get your weaving journey started with the right tools and accessories for weaving.

      Weaving Kits

      Get started in your journey to becoming a fibre artist by purchasing your very first weaving kit. These kits come with everything you need to start weaving.

      Weaving Books

      There's no better way to start learning how to weave than taking lessons from weaving experts. Thread Collective offers weaving books that will guide you as you enter the world of weaving.

      Buy Weaving Supplies and Materials

      Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or expert weaver, Thread Collective has a lot in store for your weaving needs. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you.