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Venne Eco Jeans Recycled Yarn - Ne 7/2 (Nm 12/2)

For the Eco-Conscious Crafters

Venne Eco Jeans is a unique yarn that's a must-try for the environmentally conscious crafter. Made from 100% recycled fibres, Eco Jeans gives new life to an old favourite.

The Eco Jeans yarn is recycled yarn made of 48% cotton, 47% polyester, and 5% other material. The cotton is sourced from recycled jeans and denim jackets and used plastic bottles are recycled to make the threaded wire polyester component.  

Choose from six colours that come in two different sizes!

Additional Information 

Fibre Name

Eco Jeans

Size (g)

50g cone (300m) and 1kg cone (6000m)

Fibre Content

48% cotton / 47% polyester / 5% other

Yarn Count Ne

Ne 7/2

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 12/2

Yarn Weight

0 Lace

Meters per Kilo

6000m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

2976 yards per pound


2-ply with a firm twist

Yarn Delivery


Suggested Sett

16-24 epi


Venne Eco Jeans Sample Card Australia

Sample colour cards for Venne's Eco Jeans are now available. 

Note: The colours shown are indicative only and are subject to slight colour variations between batches.