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Inkle Looms

Weaving your way on a quality inkle loom

There are so many beautiful ways to create through the art of weaving – and that’s exactly what we love about it. From large-scale options to small, portable varieties, this technique can be enjoyed by all. Thread Collective is pleased to supply essentials for this gorgeous craft!

Our range of weaving supplies caters to all forms of this fibre-based art. One of the most popular items from our collection is the inkle weaving loom; made specifically for a style called “inkle”.

Not familiar with the term? Read on to discover if this style is right for you!

What is inkle weaving?

Also called “card weaving” or “tablet weaving”, this technique refers to the art of using 'ribbon' or ‘tape'. Due to the narrow nature of this method, these small and portable looms have been aptly named.

An inkle loom has been designed to create very strong, long braids. They are also great for making trims, belts and bands, and are an affordable means to your hand at weaving, and create woven textile art wherever you go.

On your lap, the warp and weft on these frames can easily be set up. If you’re new to this textile artform, inkles offer you plenty of time, room, and space to learn the basics of weaving, and experiment with a wide variety of yarns. We love to empower hobbyists and fibre crafters all across Australia with endless choices for their creative expression, which lend themselves perfectly to this weaving method that has lasted through time and tradition.

Working with a range of quality textile manufacturers, we stock with the best in the business to bring choices directly to you, spreading our love and passion for threads, looms, and textile supplies.

Craft, create, and cultivate your collection

Thread Collective was born from a passion to share the wonders of the fibre world with all Australians. Our founder, Nicky, a textile artist and board member of Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists, brings her expertise, know-how, and joy of textiles to practicing craftspeople from all corners of the country.

From embroidery thread to beautiful silk ribbon perfect for this form of work, there are so many delightful specialties to choose from on our site. With specific ribbons, fabric tape, and flat threads to choose from for your masterpiece, there’s something for everyone. Let your creativity flow from your mind, through to your fingers and into the finished piece – all with Thread Collective.

Why not try a few thread varieties, and see where your work takes you?