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Ashford Inkle Weaving - Inkle Loom Starters Kit

Discover Inkle Weaving 

Are you interested in exploring the art of weaving, but not sure where to start? Look no further, for the Ashford Inkle Weaving - Inkle Loom Starters Kit is your ideal companion for discovering the art of weaving and unleashing your creativity. This carefully curated kit is designed with beginners in mind, offering you an easy and enjoyable introduction to the craft of weaving.

Ashford Inkle Weaving Starters Kit Inclusions

Inkle Loom or Inklette Loom
belt shuttle

Belt Shuttle

clamp Clamp (for the Inkle Loom only)
Two cones of 8/4 Mercerised Cotton MB 100g
The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory


Whether you're a complete novice or an aspiring textile artist, the Ashford Inkle Weaving - Inkle Loom Starters Kit is your gateway to a world of creativity. We believe that anyone can be a weaver, and this kit empowers you to create handmade treasures that reflect your unique style.

Get started on your weaving adventure today with our new Ashford Inkle Weaving Starter Kit. It's the perfect choice for beginners and an excellent gift for those eager to explore the art of weaving. Order yours now and let your imagination run wild on the loom!

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