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Tapestry & Modern Frame Weaving Looms - Creating Art

Creating Art with Thread on Tapestry Looms

Wall hangings, rugs, furnishings… What will you create?

For centuries, weavers have used tapestry looms to create breathtaking works of art. At Thread Collective we offer looms that will cater to every budget and weaving style.

Weaving has been around for centuries and has also become one of the most popular DIY crafts today, especially frame loom weaving. With so many inspirations you can find online, it is always going to be exciting when you start a new tapestry project.

Thread Collective offers Ashford & Louet looms, bringing this ancient craft into the modern era with our large, floor-standing looms, and small to medium frame looms. Get your creative juices flowing and create a wealth of rugs, wall art and home furnishings. Browse our collection of tapestry frames and tapestry kits and start creating art with thread! 

Tapestry Weaving for Beginners

The tapestry frame loom is one of the simplest weaving loom types and a popular choice for newcomers. It is affordable, portable, and lightweight. Tapestry weaving is also easy to learn as tapestry looms to make the weaving process pretty straightforward, allowing you to experiment with different yarn colours, sizes, and knots. 

Tapestry looms are usually made out of wood and feature a rectangular shape. While weaving on a tapestry frame loom, you can simply hold it on your lap as you are weaving or use a tapestry frame stand.

With tapestry or frame loom weaving, you will find a use for the scrap yarns you have in stock. Even these scraps of yarn can produce beautiful and unique woven pieces. To learn more about getting started with tapestry and frame loom weaving, especially on how to choose the right tapestry loom for beginners, do read our blog post here.

We also offer books on tapestry weaving from various authors who are experts in the craft. These books are informative resources that come with illustrations and detailed instructions.


Buy a Tapestry Loom Online at Thread Collective

It was our passion for creating with thread that sparked the birth of Thread Collective. From our humble beginnings in Brisbane, we have grown our reach across Australia, enabling like-minded fibre and textile artists to focus on creating and improving their craft.

We consider tapestry weaving to be one of the most wonderful ways of creating textile art. We want to see more of them on walls across the country, which is why we are giving local artists easier access to tapestry looms and supplies. 

Tapestry weaving is such a joyful and rewarding activity. If you are a tapestry artist or aspiring to be one, browse our collection of tapestry weaving looms and supplies and Australian tapestry kits. Please don’t hesitate to connect with our knowledgeable team if you have any questions. We are always happy to assist you!

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