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Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom (2-Shaft)

High Tension Tapestry Loom

The Leclerc 2-Shaft Gobelin Tapestry Loom replaces the hand-controlled string heddles with two treadle-controlled shafts. The warp on this loom is vertical, which means the weaver would have to stand and face the fabric as it is being woven.

The 2-shaft Gobelin loom also features a beater with up and down motion that beats the weft into place. This loom can be used to make tapestries or rugs.


  • 2-shaft frame
  • 1 beater (up and down action)
  • 2 treadles to make a shed
  • 200 heddles
  • 6 dpi reed


  • Depth: 51cm (20”)
  • Height: 183cm (72”)
  • Width: 114cm (47"), 142cm (56"), 180cm (71")
  • Shipping weight: 83 kg (183 lbs) for a 60” loom