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Silk Yarn Australia: Knitting & Weaving Handicraft Art

Discover Premium Silk Yarn For Your Next Craft Project

Do you love to knit? Or maybe your passion lies in handweaving? Either way, our silk yarn is just what you need to create stunning needlework projects that are guaranteed to impress.

Here at Thread Collective, we pride ourselves on only using the best silk yarn suppliers. So you know when you choose us as your silk yarn provider, you'll receive the highest quality yarn every time.

Why Choose Silk Yarn?

Silk is known for its beautiful drape, lustre, and depth of colour and is a very strong and insulating natural fibre. Silk weaving yarns also have excellent dyeing and colour-blocking properties, making them ideal for creating stunning woven fabrics. Silk is known for its luxurious sheen and its ability to take on vibrant colours, allowing the weaver to create intricate designs and patterns. The fibres are also highly durable, allowing for a long-lasting fabric with vivid colours that will not fade over time.

Silk yarn produces garments that are soft to the touch and have a luxurious drape due to their strength, warmth, and daintiness. The silk fibre is exceptionally smooth, which allows the fabric to lengthen when wearing and gives the garment a beautiful drape. Blending silk with other fibres like alpaca, merino, wool, and cotton can create a more stable fabric and help maintain the item's original shape while still keeping the luxurious drape of silk. For example, a silk cotton blend can be used to make warm-weather tops and neckwear which will have a soft feel and luxurious drape.

We have a blog post explaining the different types and styles of silk yarns. You can read the silk yarn blogpost here.

Watch Your Design Come to Life with High-Quality Silk Yarn

Often referred to as the queen of fibres, silk yarn is lusciously smooth, drapes beautifully, and is deceptively strong. Ideal for knitting, weaving, and crocheting. Silk yarn can be used to create intricate shawls, home decorations, bohemian wall hangings, and so much more.

We offer many different types of silk yarn, including silk and stainless steel yarn which offers more structure. Silk and cotton yarn blends that provide versatility. And fine silk thread that's ideal for embroidery and comes in an exciting array of vibrant colours.

But wait, there’s more… We don’t just stock regular silk yarn. We have Swiss Moutain Silk yarns, which are known for their premium silks that possess added durability, strength, and luscious shine. When you use these high-quality silk yarns in your weaving or knitting, you can be sure you’re creating with the highest quality material possible.

Tips for Buying Silk Yarn

Silk and silk blend yarns are a beautiful choice for weaving projects that provide gorgeous drape and sheen. Here are a few things to look out for if you are buying your silk yarn online.

  1. Consider the fibre content of the yarn: Silk may blended with other fibres to create a more manageable material, so look for a blend that is appropriate for your project.
  2. Look at the yarn weight: Silk weaving yarns or silk knitting yarns typically come in various weights. What yarn weight does your project require?
  3. Check the yardage: In weaving, you will need more yardage than in knitting or crocheting, so make sure the yarn you choose has enough yardage for your project.
  4. Evaluate the sett: The sett is the number of warp threads per inch, and it is important to consider when selecting a silk weaving yarn.
  5. Consider the colour options: Silk yarns often have beautiful and unique colours, so pick a colour that fits your project.

Why Buy Silk Yarn Online From Thread Collective?

At Thread Collective, our mission is to do more than just help your project come to life. We want your designs to last. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to source our products from brands with verified product quality. Our rigorous quality standards are what set us apart from other silk yarn suppliers. Every single one of our products is screened for quality, before arriving at your door.

Check out our online yarn store for silk weaving yarns, silk knitting yarns, and silks for your needlework project. Buy silk yarn online and get started on your next craft project sooner rather than later!

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