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Iki - Hand Embroidery Silk | ITO Yarns

Fine Filament Silk

ITO Iki is a fine filament silk thread for hand embroidery, made of mulberry silk that has an unrivalled sheen and distinct suppleness.

In these threads, silk filaments are loosely plied to a thickness of 1/71 NM or 21/6 Tram. You can use a single thread or even splice the thread to achieve very fine embroidery lines and silk shading effects. If you are aiming to create stronger lines or fill areas, you are recommended to use multiple threads, usually 2 to 8 strands.

Multiple strands are traditionally twisted by hand to give a varied texture. Threads of different colours can also be mixed to achieve delicate colour transitions.

ITO Iki is available in 32 colours.

Get a Sample Card

Not sure which colours to get? Purchase an ITO Iki Sample Card to see your options. Sample cards are recommended for true colours


  • Composition: 100 % Silk
  • Yardage (Meter / Yards): 80 m / 87 yds
  • Care instruction: hand wash